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Nomad List

Our mission is to promote the freedom of global movement enabled by remote work.

Nomad List builds the foundations for people to live anywhere in the world. Millions of people use our software to travel and move to new places and meet people there.

"The rankings of [Nomad List]'s cities are constantly in flux (all the data is refreshed in real-time based on user input)" BBC

"Nomad List ranks destinations that are accommodating to digital nomads, based on factors like cost of living, internet speed and weather;" The New York Times

"(..) started a site called Nomad List, a website that crowdsources information to share with fellow nomads." CNN

"Nomad List is a great resource for digital nomads that will give you an up-to-date look at the Wi-Fi situation where you’re going (among many other factors)" Nomadic Matt


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