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Croatian citizens are among the first in the world to test the digital passport

The digital travel certificate enables citizens to travel faster and more comfortably by announcing the border crossing from the mobile application.

Croatia and Finland are the first EU members to develop and implement the Digital Travel Credential (DTC) project. The ultimate goal is to facilitate travel and improve passenger safety through the latest technological solutions.

The experts of the Agency for Commercial Activities (AKD) and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia have recently completed the development of the IT solution for the digital travel certificate. On Saturday at Cvjetni trg in Zagreb, at the presentation of the project, they offered all interested citizens the opportunity to be among the first to download a digital travel credential (DTC - digital travel credential) into a mobile application and explore what the journey of the future will look like.

Facebook: Dragan Pervic

The first user of this digital passport from Croatia, journalist specialized in technology, editor of Bug magazine, Dragan Petric, shared his experience of traveling from Zagreb to London using a mobile passport instead of a traditional physical passport. The mobile passport is available through the free Certilia application, and all that is required to create it is to install the application and activate the e-Personal via NFC, by touching the mobile phone to a valid physical passport or identity card issued after August 2, 2021.

Petric described the entire process to his followers: "Once you create your digital passport, at the Zagreb airport - when you travel, for example, to London like me - you will cross the border by announcing your trip through the app and going to a separate exit where you will instead by showing your physical passport, scan your mobile phone. Genius! Later on, you will do the same at other borders...

When digitization is done properly, in a way that is appropriate to the modern achievements of technology, civilization and common sense, and when, at the same time, we are literally global leaders in this, then it deserves public praise and the sincerest congratulations! The whole world will learn from Croatia's experience how to digitize a passport, and that's why - well done team! I will proudly enter my country on my return from England with only a mobile phone..."

The international name for the mobile passport is Digital Travel Credential (DTC), and Croatian citizens who have installed the Certilia app can create their own digital passport. On Saturday, at Cvjetni trg in Zagreb, the team from AKD and MUP will provide assistance to citizens in the process of creating a digital passport, enabling them to test the future of travel.

Through the Certilia app, passengers can announce their trip and use a separate exit at the Zagreb airport where, instead of showing a physical passport, they will scan their mobile phone. This pioneering step in the digitization of travel is an example of how proper digitization, which is in line with modern technological achievements, can facilitate and improve everyday life, making Croatia a global leader in this field.


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