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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022: 4. Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

An online influencer is someone with a significant digital following. These celebrities can promote your business to their followers.

With influencer marketing projected to grow to $13.8 billion by the end of 2021, we predict this will be a huge trend throughout 2022.

The success of your marketing campaigns hinges on finding the best influencer partner. While it's easy to fixate on the subscriber count, making sure the influencer's audience represents your ideal customers is way more important.

You may even want to consider partnering with a micro-influencer who operates within your specific niche.

Wherever possible, there should also be some connection between the promoted product and the influencer. For example, you wouldn't want a beauty and makeup blogger trying to promote your lawn-care widgets.

Such an endorsement could seem random, forced, and inconsistent with the influencer's online persona. As a result, their fans may perceive the promotion as a cash grab.


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