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Same Chance: Certificate Presentation Ceremony in the Provincial Government Hall, AP Vojvodina

Certificates were presented to the participants of training in the field of the IT industry in Novi Sad, January 27, 2023 - In the Hall of the Provincial Government, the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism and the Association for the Promotion of Digital Nomads, Remote Jobs and Good Tech "Be Happy Work and Travel" from Novi Sad, organized the presentation of the project for retraining for remote jobs called "Same Chance" which the Association conducted together with the Provincial Secretariat and the British platform of the same name.

After 16 weeks of free training, the already trained participants from AP Vojvodina and the region can successfully apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Deputy Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Palimir Tot, addressed the audience and representatives of the Association, with whom the Secretariat participated in the creation of a guide for digital nomads, and handed certificates to the participants.

This very active Association, with the help of the British platform "BE HAPPY WORK AND TRAVEL", developed the "Same Chance" project, which is not actually a course, but recognized as a chance for a career change that is given to absolutely everyone. Various lectures and workshops included broad areas of digital marketing, but also its close branches, such as graphic design and other multimedia.

As part of additional theoretical knowledge and for certification, participants mastered theoretical knowledge thanks to HubSpot Academy from USA, Digital academy BHWT from the UK and their available, free resources.

The Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, headed by Provincial Secretary Dr. Nenad Ivanišević, recognized the quality of this project, which was crowned last year by the signing of a protocol on joint cooperation between the Secretariat and the Association.

Ilija Ćalina, the founder of the platform and an academy for remote jobs - Be Happy Work and Travel, London, UK pointed out:

It is a people's project, free for participants, where participants are trained and guided on the right path, to find remote work, well-paid work for global companies and platforms and thus stay in their place and their country. One is the fatherland ( Serbian_Отаџбина, Croatian_Domovina) everyone in the diaspora knows that. I am one of them, who decided to return after 12 years of living in London.

The project is unique in that it gathered participants from Serbia and Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia and the diaspora who know our language.

The total number of participants in the project in 3 cycles is 113.

We want to start the Same Chance project in English for young people in the Balkans in the near future.

Media about the Certificate Presentation Ceremony in the Provincial Government Hall, AP Vojvodina :

Radio Television of Vojvodina


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