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How to travel internationally with a dog as a Digital Nomad.

Traveling with your dog, creating memories can make your trip so much more enjoyable if planned ahead. As a digital nomad, isn’t that one of the reasons we chose to work whenever, wherever? I am here to give you 9 tips that most pet owners miss when traveling internationally.

Tip number:

1) Flying to Europe with a dog from USA? Start on time! It is very time consuming and can NOT be rushed. Book all tickets way in advance. Process of getting a pet passport can NOT be rushed.

2). Pet passport and documentation is very detail oriented. All names and spelling of same have to be consistent across all documents involved.

3). Lamination of certain pages and signatures is highly important. (Croatia requires USDA APHIS to ink-sign and emboss the health certificate.)

4). Check airline pet requirements and regulations specific to your dogs breed and size. Stay up to date with evolving airline policies!

5) Check which airports are pet friendly and have pet relief areas.

Not all do!

6) Most commonly missed airline questions:

  1. Ask if the airline cargo area is air conditioned!

  2. What happens with my dog during layover?

  3. Can I visit my dog?

  4. Where do you pickup my dog upon arrival?

  5. What are kennel requirements?

  6. What happens if I miss a connecting flight?

Remember to:

7) Make sure your dog has ID tags on their collar with contact info

(most airlines require it anyway)

8) Make sure the destination hotel is pet friendly

9)Travel pet insurance is always a good idea!


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