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Chinese SEO is a chance for everyone in the world to earn a lot of money #1 - Google vs. Baidu

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

When it comes to search marketing in China, Baidu is a core component. In fact, as I am speaking this, Baidu accounts for 78.4% of search engine market share in China to Google’s 1.9% (Sogou comes in at 13.8%, Haosou at 2.2%, and Bing at 2%).

Baidu has 1.1 billion mobile users and processes 3.3 billion queries per day. In addition, Google is blocked in China, then if you want to do SEO, Baidu is surely your best choice!

However, to be successful in what is the world’s most populated country, your strategy needs to look beyond SEO and at how Chinese users engage with the internet.

Due to the differences in user behavior and Baidu’s preference, developing a working strategy will involve stepping out of the SEO silo and working with other marketing channel stakeholders (which isn’t a bad thing!)


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