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Bingo Affiliates

When becoming a bingo affiliate marketer then make sure you realise this is mainly UK based only.

Online bingo sites in the UK are popular and therefore bingo affiliates can work well if you geo-target this area.

Casino Affiliates

If you are looking to become a casino affiliate then let us start by prewarning you it is a tough niche to enter.

Not only is the online casino market hard to rank in but also you need your team to keep on top of compliance. The best online casino brands have to stay compliant with advertising standards, so this is something you’ll need to consider.

Slots Affiliates

Being a slots affiliate marketer can be a profitable trade if you understand the player value and driving traffic to the correct brands.

If you are able to rank websites or drive traffic of online slot players then earning commission can be good for video slots. You’ll find plenty of online slot websites which use affiliate programs.

What is a Gambling Affiliate?

A Gambling Affiliate is a marketer that drives traffic to gaming operators.

Affiliates are an important part of the online gambling industry. As gambling affiliates can drive serious traffic levels, gaming operators offer big commissions to attract and retain successful sign-ups for their casino games.

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