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Case Study
Gyros King

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Gyros King is a new fast food restaurant specializing in the sale and preparation of Greek gyros, which started operating in January 2023. Although the business is new, the owners of this restaurant are extremely experienced in their work and in recent years, these gyros masters are among the best in the region.


The challenges we faced were, among other things, the very appearance of this brand in a new city, so the first step was to make their brand recognizable and for the whole city to hear about them.

An additional problem is oversaturation on the mentioned platforms, where users decide to follow a page more and more rarely. This is a key issue for most brands. Relevant and interesting content. The content that was published until then did not have continuity and satisfactory quality, but no advertising was done on the aforementioned networks either. All this influenced us to focus on 3 key activities.

  • Creating interesting and relevant content

    • Why would anyone follow a page in the first place? Quality content that is published continuously is the first prerequisite for the development of accounts on social networks.

  • Insufficient reach 

    • Through announcements and other activities on the networks, it was not possible to achieve sufficient Reach in order to drastically increase the number of followers.

  • Activation of followers

    • In order to increase organic reach, it was necessary to increase the number of follower activations.

Content solution

The content solution was to create different types of call-to-action posts. All content was adapted to the target audience of interest, so the copy and communication were in that spirit. We tried to get closer to the audience with content in which they will be able to recognize themselves or some of their habits. We have created different content such as "quotes" or motivational messages, different advertising posts, interesting and engaging copy, stop motion video posts as well as many high-quality and enticing photos and other videos.

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