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Geographic coordinates: 44 00 N, 21 00 E

Location: Southeastern Europe, between Macedonia and Hungary

Population: 6,974,289 (July 2021 est.)

note: does not include the population of Kosovo and Metohija.

Climate: in the north, continental climate (cold winters and hot, humid summers with well-distributed rainfall); in other parts, continental and Mediterranean climate (relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall and hot, dry summers and autumns)


Languages: Serbian (official) 88.1%, Hungarian 3.4%, Bosnian 1.9%, Romani 1.4%, other 3.4%, undeclared or unknown 1.8% (2011 est.)

Note: Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Croatian, and Ruthenian (Rusyn) are official in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina; most ethnic Albanians boycotted the 2011 census.

Religions: Orthodox 84.6%, Catholic 5%, Muslim 3.1%, Protestant 1%, atheist 1.1%, other 0.8% (includes agnostics, other Christians, Eastern, Jewish), undeclared or unknown 4.5% (2011 est.) note: most ethnic Albanians boycotted the 2011 census.

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🖥 Places to work from Great 
😁 Friendly to foreigners: Great 
🤚🏿🤚🏻 Racial tolerance: Good
👌 Safety: Good 
🗯 Freedom of speech: Good 
🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly: Bad 
✌️ Peace (no pol. conflict): Good 
🙊 English speaking: Good 
📡 Internet:  Great 🏎 Fast: 69.6 Mbps 
👍 Quality of life score: Good 
💰 Cost of living for the nomad in Belgrade,
short-term £1123/ 1336€ p/m 
💰 Cost of living for a family in Belgrade  
£1201/1429€ p/m 
💰 Cost of living for long-term £685/ 815€ p/m
💰 Cost of living for local £343/ 408€ p/m
🎓 Education level: Okey 
🏥 Healthcare: Okay 
🔌 Power 230V 50Hz
💳 Cashless: Yes, cards OK almost everywhere
🚰 Tap water 👌 Yes, safe to drink
✈️ Best short-haul air carrier: Air Serbia