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Vujnović winery - Prč - crisp, citrusy and very drinkable wine, Sućuraj, Hvar

The port of Sućuraj is located at the far eastern end of Hvar, where it is the closest to the mainland. Driving from the northern part of Hvar offers breathtaking views of the island Brač and the mountains of the mainland, and south towards Korčula and the Pelješac peninsula. Sućuraj is best known for three things:- the beach Perna, ferry crossing to the mainland and Vujnović winery.

Three local Dalmatian cultivars, Plavac mali, Pošip, and Prč, are grown in Sućuraj using only environmentally friendly farming practices, organic fertilizers, and no synthetic pesticides.

I went to Podrum Vujnović - buffet pizzeria Guido with my brothers, sisters and friends on the recommendation of my colleague from Be happy work and travel, and we tried the very drinkable Prč wine.

Prč – crisp, citrusy and very drinkable on its own or with food, this variety is indigenous to the Plame area. Once very common, it dwindled a bit after phylloxera hit, and has been brought back by the efforts of Vjekoslav Vujnović, who collected vine shoots from various small vineyards around the area. Prč has a very distinctive aroma and taste, and according to local tradition, is an aphrodisiac.


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