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Sućuraj is the most eastern settlement on the island of Hvar central Dalmatia, Croatia

The history of Sućuraj is very turbulent, of which there are many documents and monuments. Thanks to its position, the village has a coastline on both sides of the island. Everyone who finds themselves in Sućuraj and wants to spend the day swimming and sunbathing can choose one of the many sand, pebble or rocky beaches near the town. The sea is crystal clear and the temperature is pleasant for bathing from May all through October. Visitors can find accommodation in private apartments, holiday and boarding houses, rooms or a (motor)-campsite. There are several shops in the town and also restaurants and bars. There is also an elementary school, infirmary with the heliport for emergencies, a post office, hairdressing salon, currency exchange office, ATM, port authority office....

Thanks to a climate with long sunny days, beautiful scenery, crystal clear sea and temperatures suitable for swimming from May to October, makes Sućuraj an attractive tourist destination. All of those who want to spend the day swimming and or sunbathing will find the place most enjoyable thanks to its more than 25 km of coastline with sandy, pebble or rocky beaches and bays. Sućuraj's coastline expands on both the north and the south side of the island of Hvar, which is a great advantage. If the south wind blows, there is calm sea on the north side and vice versa, so the pleasure is guaranteed no matter the conditions.

The Island of Hvar is one of a group of central Dalmatian islands and is the longest Croatian island, populated from early historic times. Other important settlements on the island are: Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa and Vrbovska. Economy are based on tourism, fishing and agriculture. The island is well known for its mild Mediterranean climate and record number of sunny hours. The summers are dry, warm and long, and the winters are mild and short so the temperatures below 0°C are very rare. In 384 BC Greek colonizers from the island of Paros founded the town of Faros on the site of modern-day Stari Grad. The whole island of Hvar got its name, somewhat altered, after this colony. This island is attractive for tourists mostly because of its unspoiled nature, many picturesque beaches and bays, crystal clean sea, pleasant climate with lots of sun, historical and cultural landmarks, good healthy food, olive oil and wine, entertainment, quality accommodation, hospitable hosts and especially pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of the entire island.

Tourism development started in Sućuraj at the beginning of the 1960's. Hospitable people offer their guests accommodation in numerous beautiful private apartments, boarding houses (pensions), holiday houses and rooms and in motor camp in the Mlaska bay, located 4 km from the town center. On this page you can find accommodation - direct contacts with owners - no booking fee.

If you are not already located on the island of Hvar, the quickest way to reach Sućuraj is by ferry from Drvenik, on the Makarska Riviera. Drvenik is located 45 km from the highway exit Zagvozd on Croatia's main highway, A1. The ferry takes 30 minutes; it leaves 6 times a day in winter and 10 or 11 times a day by summer timetable. If necessary, when it is very busy, which is often the case during the height of the season, the ferry leaves more frequently. Drvenik is located on the Adriatic tourist road, 96 km southeast from Split and 120 km northwest from Dubrovnik.


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