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Geographic coordinates: 39 00 N, 35 00 E

Location: Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia (that portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria

Population: 82,482,383 (July 2021 est.)

Climate: temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior

Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, other minority languages

Religions: Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews)

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Turkish Fact Book

🖥 Places to work from: Great 
😁 Friendly to foreigners: Great 
🤚🏿🤚🏻 Racial tolerance: Okay 
👌 Safety: Okay
🗯 Freedom of speech: Okay 
🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly: Bad 
✌️ Peace (no pol. conflict): Okay
🙊 English speaking: Okey 
📡 Internet: Good 🏎 Fast: 30.31 Mbps 
👍 Quality of life score: Okay
💰 Cost of living for the nomad in Istanbul,
short-term  £721/858€ p/m 

💰 Cost of living for a family in Istanbul
£512/609€ p/m 

💰 Cost of living for long-term £424/505 €  p/m
💰 Cost of living for local £146/174€  p/m 
🎓 Education level: Mediocre​
🏥 Healthcare: Okay 
🔌 Power 230V 50Hz
🚑 Travel medical insurance  Safety wing 
🚰 Tap water 🚫 No, not drinkable
✈️ Best short-haul air carrier: Turkish Airlines